You like many others may wash your car every few weeks or once a month, and give it a bit of a vacuum, but chances are you don’t really think about the types of germs and bacteria that can build up in your car. Germs and bacteria can spread easily from things we all touch and we have learned this with Covid, with washing our hands and ensuring hygiene is a key priority.

So, there’s never been a better time to look at how clean your car is, and what measures you can take to ensure you get the best result. The team at Premier Auto Wash recommend the following:

1. Clean the interior of your car on a regular basis

Ensure you don’t buy and use harsh chemicals like bleach and other household cleaners to wipe down the interior of your car. These can cause damage. Instead invest in germ-killing cleaning wipes and start by wiping down your seats, dashboard, and door trims. Then vacuum your car meticulously – paying close attention to ensuring dirt and dust particles are removed.

2. Time To Wash The Exterior

Once the interior is done, you can get cleaning the outside of your car. Our automatic touchless laser washing service is like no other and you have to experience it to see the difference. We use the LASERWASH 360 system – that will deliver the highest quality wash including pre-soak and undercarriage cleaning. The touchless aspect will deliver a sense of security that your vehicle is not being damaged by dirty or abrasive brushes that other friction car washes may offer. Alternatively our self-service bays allow you to do the work to ensure a professional wash every time.

3. Staying Clean & Fresh

Once your car has been thoroughly cleaned, there are a few simple things you can do to maintain this result. Keeping a hand sanitiser and wipes in your car to continuously clean your steering wheel and the other interiors of your car every time you get in will ensure your interior stays clean on a regular basis.

At Premier Auto Wash, we aim to be the most progressive and technologically advanced operated wash facility available in Ballarat, Victoria. And look forward to seeing you soon!

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