Many people mistakenly believe that washing their car at home is cheap and easy. The fact is that the opposite is true. When you wash your car at home, you’re likely to use a hose, which you’ll leave running for a long period of time. This may waste hundreds of litres of water, in comparison, to Premier Auto Wash – we use high-pressured systems to wash your car quickly and efficiently every time.

Our systems – whether it be our 2 x Automatic Touch Free Car Wash Bays offer you the opportunity to clean your car with the latest Laserwash 360 plus touch-free automatic technology, or our 3 x Self Service Bays will deliver an exceptional result very quickly.

The surprising benefit of washing your car at Premier Auto Wash is you will save in the long run. Many people believe that you’ll save money by doing it yourself, but the fact is for the price of the cleaning products and the time it takes out of your day, it costs less to run your car through our car wash. We use specialised cleaning products designed to clean and protect your car.

To get the same clean at home, you’d need to buy a variety of cleaning products from washing liquids and waxes to polishes and other cleaning tools. It’s actually proven that washing at home when you don’t really know what you’re doing can be damaging to your car’s exterior – so if you’re not an expert, you’ll do well to trust Premier Auto Wash.

If car washing isn’t your business, visit us at Premier Auto Wash. We look forward to seeing you soon…

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